Tuesday, December 3, 2013

A bit about me

I've never been one to write about myself, I never know exactly what to say.  However I think it's important for you to know me and why I'm working on becoming an instructional designer.  First and for most it's important to understand that I'm a farm boy.  I'll claim that until the day I die and is the first thing I unusually tell people, it defines me more then being an instructional designer or a filmmaker.  That's another big thing, I make films.  For the past several years I've owned my own production company making commercials, documentaries, and YouTube videos for clients all over the USA.  I decided to start instructional design after I taught elementary school PE for 3 years.  I found I loved teaching and I wanted to incorporate teaching and film.  So after some searching I found instructional design and learning technologies and said "voila!" and knew this was the right fit. I've still got lots to learn but I enjoy making teaching and technology work together.